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Ronald Jorgensen, Teacher
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Ronald Jorgensen - Brief Biography

Beginning the Tai Chi in 1968 under Master William C. C. Chen of New York, and beginning to teach in 1974, I work in the Yang style through the transmission of the late master Yang Cheng-fu and his successor, Professor Chen Man-ch'ingóWilliam Chen's late master. Since 1978 I've been teaching in the Puget Sound area (see current schedule ).

Beginning Yoga during 1964 in New York at the Indian Cultural Center, I was initiated in early 1970 by The Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry, South India. The eight years' residence at the Ashram laid the foundation of all else. Although teaching experience started the year I began studies, 1964, it deepened substantially during and after the time in India. Since 1978 it has been focused in the Puget Sound area with the Tai Chi Chuan .

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