1A Beginning Tai Chi

From the beginning of the Solo Exercise Form at Preparation through 22 movements concluding at the Form’s major division marker with the movement called Crossing Hands, the 1A course covers the most fundamental movements and principles that are used throughout the entire Form (74 movements) and throughout all of Tai Chi Chuan. That “throughout” includes Sensing Hands (or Push Hands) and the full speed, full contact self-defense repertoire called Form Application —not to (more than) mention the emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects and their courses in this five plus year curriculum developed by Ron. Even though this is a beginning course, the self-defense applications of each movement are demonstrated with students in a role-play format so each movement can be more correctly done and more easily remembered.

Although the full range of Tai Chi benefits come with practicing the full Form, a student who leaves the curriculum after taking this course will still experience much benefit for the rest of their life. It is true that benefit is only a small fraction compared to what comes with the deeper study, but it is so much greater than what would be experienced without any Tai Chi that one can immediately see there needs to be no hesitation whatsoever to go into 1A Beginning, whatever happens afterward. .