2A Continuing Tai Chi

The other, substantially larger half of the Form is taught as the mate to 1A Beginning in 2A Continuing. Even though its 52 movements (23, Embrace the Tiger to Return to the Mountain to 74, Crossing Hands) make it seem well over twice as much material as 1A, there is considerable repetition of clusters of movements that make you feel you’re coming to the chorus of the song again and you say, “I know that!” And the movements that are new bring such a breeze of freshness in extremely varied bodily positions, much more diversity in the self-defense applications (which are always a mini-clinic in each session to help students remember and do the movements more accurately), and much more poetic variety in names, like Step Back to Drive Away the Monkey and Waving the Hands in the Clouds. Too, the experience taking the beginning course of 1A develops an ability and familiarity with principles that make the learning in this course more natural, so in that way things go more easily. Two last things to encourage shy students who may feel they need to take 1A over and over until they are much more solid with it before trying 2A: every session of the 2A course includes review of the 1A movements and our capacities tend to grow or shrink with the movement of our aspirations . The other side of that is some people simply learn more satisfyingly by only going ahead after being very solid in what they’ve just had. I have good students on both sides! After finishing 2A, I notice a person has much more the look and confidence of an authentic Tai Chi player, not only that of a student.