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www.williamccchen.com Grandmaster William C. C. Chen has developed a new system of Tai Chi Chuan that he calls "simple, easy, natural and fun". Yet, in my opinion, it is the most profound and complete approach to the art by the most accomplished grandmaster, teacher and martial artist of our time. His web site has rich and usable information from background and principles to schedules and upcoming events. Well over 100 teachers in the United States using his system, many direct students of himself, can be found organized by location.

www.cmai.ws The letters of the acronym [cmai] in this web address stand for Chinese Martial Arts Institute, the site of Nathan Menaged. Nathan is a senior student of William Chen and also of a former and long ago classmate of Grandmaster Chen, the renowned Dr. Tao. Outside of William, Nathan is the most accomplished martial artist and one of the most accomplished teachers I know. I ask him here from his school in Columbus, Ohio each November to offer an invaluable weekend workshop. His web site carries an appealing community centered approach that also characterizes Nathan's warmth in teaching.

www.sriaurobindoashram.org This link will take you to the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, named after my primary and far more than master teacher of the Integral Yoga. The Integral Yoga is a synthesis of the major traditional yogas of knowledge, love and work--along with others--that Sri Aurobindo felt was needed for the crises of post-industrial civilization. The Mother, his spiritual colleague originally from France, is also featured on this site. To go here is like taking the voyage to India itself.

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