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    Current News 15 Oct 2015

In early October, Ron was in a car accident and sustained serious injuries making it necessary for him to undergo physical therapy to regain his strength and range of motion. He welcomes calls during his recovery and can be reached at 206-816-1938.

    Current News 12 May 2013

For current news, please phone Ron until it is soon posted after extended computer collapse. At 360 825-3413. Despite the breach, news is good and expanding

    Tai Chi Learning, Practice, Drill, Help 03 January 2013

Federal Way Naturopathy 900 South 336th Street (at the corner of 9th Avenue South, which fronts on St. Francis Hospital a few blocks south)

7-8 or 9 p.m., your call

Fee, Love Offering

Sunday, 6 January
Thursday, 10 January
Sunday, 13 January
Thursday, 17 January

Absolutely Necessary: Phone before coming—360 825-3413. Thanks, Ron

    New York Times Article On Tai Chi 30 June 2012

Here is an inspired and inspiring article on a Tai Chi class and course in the New York Times during June of this year. The information, to me, has not a single miniscule error or off emphasis anywhere. A clear transmission of Tai Chi's ambience that I think you'll like very much:

An Easy Commute to Stillness

Ronald Jorgensen gratefully acknowledges the permission of The New York Times for the link to this article.

    Update on Ron's New DVD 24 May 2012

Sales of the several hundred DVDs that were produced are going well, with less than 75 remaining. If you've delayed the purchase, I want you to know I'm making an intensive marketing effort that may exhaust what is left relatively quickly. Don't miss out by putting it off until you "have time to do it". We all know how that can go!    

    Update on Highline Tai Chi 5 June 2012

This course at Highline is undergoing further evolution that makes it even more valuable. Arrange your mornings of Monday and Wednesday around its 8-8:45 a.m. time [changed from 8-8:50 to an earlier ending so some students can make their 9:00 class when it's far up the campus hill] and you'll find it notably enhancing the quality and enjoyment of your job and life.

Now included in each session is a 10 minute reading (aloud by Ron) of a short novel that embodies the almost completely unknown and arguably the most important core of Tai Chi. And this novel is one of the best and most compellingly interesting, original works I have ever read.

Your classmates will be enthusiastic youth, with occasional middle agers and seniors mixed in, from countries like China, Ethiopia, India and on and on with our friendly neighbor, Canada, usually in the group. No other class I teach has such stimulating diversity.

    Push Hands/Self Defense Course 4 March 2012

On 3 march a new initiative has spontaneously ignited too late for an advance announcement on the Push Hands-Self Defense course on Saturdays. But you are welcome to join us at any time and we will bring you comfortably into a group of old and new students, who with Ron are absorbing a new vision of this course that can truly be called adventurous.

A phone call and I'll tell you all, 360 825-3413 . Or let's have an email conversation, ronald@foxinternet.net . Or just drop in as a complimentary guest to see for yourself!

      Ron's New DVD 27 May 2011

Tai Chi Chuan 74 Movement Yang Style Short Form

17 Lessons Front and Back View
Beginning Movements, 1-22 [Lessons 1-8]
Continuing Movements, 23-74 [Lessons 9-17]

  • With Narration and Breathing
  • Front View Narration [can be muted], names of the movements
  • Back View Narration [can be muted], running detail of the movements
  • Breathing Introduction of the system and on working with it
  • Back View Breathing, chanting through each movement
  • 38 menu tracks, lessons navigable from 8 on-screen selections at once

Total Running Time 55:18
Price $35

In 2002, out of repeated requests, the 74 Form was introduced, retaining everything in the original Form of 64 movements plus the new ones from the workshop experience in William Chen's more recent Form of 60 movements.

The fervent need for an immediate DVD with which to practice, the famous "quick and dirty" product of that same 2002 year, was to be replaced by a fully finished one later with a split screen presentation and self-defense applications. The obstacles to the split screen and self-defense features could not be overcome with the resources available but the many other long difficulties were solved, finally this year, for a finishing date I never expected to be so long in coming,

What a coming! Not only the richness of the 38 tracks and comprehensive details, but when you see the visual design on the cover and the disk itself, you may want Mark Sawyer's autograph. It is a gorgeous original in the field of Tai Chi DVDs. But more to the point is this comment by an observant student of William Chen workshops and my own courses, "It's the best Tai Chi you've done, Ron". I'm very happy with it though, knowing me, you probably won't be surprised I'm already envisioning a future one, super-totally comprehensive, with corrections of the flaws I see here that you may or may not notice. I do feel, in sum, this is now the accomplished standard with a good, substantial life ahead. To me, it will distinctly be the most helpful video I've ever offered.

May it be a faithful companion to you, though never a crutch. Crutching can be avoided by always including a go-it-alone repetition in your practice session so that your memory develops gradually.

May you enjoy it as much as I have in bringing it to you. How to get it, besides a phone call or email with your address so I can send it, is to just check my teaching schedule—for I'll have copies of it wherever I go and you can pick it up on the spot. Here's my contact information for mailing it to you, which I estimate will add about $3 to your price for packing materials and postage: Phone, 360 825-3413. Email, ronald@foxinternet.net .

    Highline Tai Chi 3 December 2009

The Highline Tai Chi Introduction course, runs every quarter except Summer Quarter. You should consider it very actively as a high priority option because:

  • it is the only course I offer that meets twice a week, a great advantage for learning
  • it is also my only course meeting before work on weekdays, a fine way to tune up the day so that it goes far better and far less stressfully
  • and too, it is the only course of mine where, in addition to the beginning part of the Form, you learn about 20 remarkable Tai Chi, Chi Kung and Yoga warm ups that improve everything in your physical and metaphysical life.
  • your classmates are mostly young and of many families of nations that bring a lot of energy and an exotic quality into the chemistry of your learning experience so afterwards your day is just naturally a good one!

You can see why I say, then, that it is well worth the adjustment you might have to make in your Monday and Wednesday work schedule to accommodate its 8:00-8:50 a.m. time at Highline--very near Seattle and just off I-5. In calling to register at 206 878-3710, extension 3181, you will be guided from there, and if you are told the class is full, just phone me--360 825-3413--and I will get you included.

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