Change is far away
as effort that won’t fold,
that attitude that won’t
look down and say, “Time
will tell”. Or, “Whatever”.
Rather, the confidence
that comes from destiny:
The thing steady and clear
singing to us from the next
future. A call we cannot
dis. Even delay
is cramped. No, it opens,
and easier as we melt
those sighs and reasons—comp-
lications’ endless trail . . .
gone! Instead, the radiant
flow we knew we know.
The long delay is dead.
Now, sculpturing action,
devoted work ahead.


  Ronald Jorgensen
7 September-4 November 2005
© Ronald Jorgensen

Note: Line 8 is taken from “The Abnormal Is Not Courage”
by Jack Gilbert in his Views of Jeopardy, The Yale Series of
Younger Poets. And the phrase, “the next future”, from the
Mother, Sri Aurobindo Ashram.