Crisis Mantra


Cease cell phone usage for us all.
Reports of dying bees as usage nears
their hives leads to Albert Einstein’s call
that if the bees go, we have four years
or so . . . global warming’s not even a rival.
Cease cell phone usage for our survival.

Some will say, of course, this is extreme.
We need a study to know, a few years.
Which mistake is best, the chiding gleam
of smiles, return to cells—or panic tears
as shadows lengthen to final night’s arrival?
Cease cell phone usage for our survival.


  Ronald Jorgensen
22 April 2007
© Ronald Jorgensen

Note: The Sanskrit word, mantra ,
literally means, “a sound body”—a
body made of sound. When given
by a guru of MantricYoga, and
charged by such a consciousness,
its power is this: in activation
(usually through chanting aloud) by an
aspiring person, the words manifest
the reality of which they speak