Limerick of the Secret


This limerickís part of it alló
The sweet and the bland and the pall.
But the secret we know,
Though we flirt with a woe:
Itís the marvel of love, call to call!



Ocean Limerick


The sun looks down on our play.
Contemplation closes the day,
Where the ocean of soul
Comes in on a roll
From the tackless vast of the Way.



Limerick Dream Vision


Had a vivid dream in the night
Of living with friends in delight,
Where the scene was so near
Of the woods and Rainier,
It envisioned the True and the Right.



Limerick of the Inner Harvest


As we swing through the blessings of mirth
On this lovely planet of earth,
Your sun of the inner
And the rain of its glimmer
Can ripen the fruit of your birth.



Limerick of Sound


From the clop! of a horse newly shod
To the concert bouquets we applaud,
Thereís a power of sound
In its musical ground
Struck by the heart-chords of God.



Ronald Jorgensen
27 March 2003
© Ronald Jorgensen