Note: The word, scape , is coined in a verbal or action usage
from words like landscape or seascape . It orients the scene.

The grand Indian Yogi, Sri Aurobindo, defines spiritual as that, which is
infinite and eternal. It could be added: by its very nature of limitless space,
or infinity, and limitless time, or eternity, it includes all else—such as
power, beauty, wisdom, peace, love, and joy.



Does anywhere carry the quality, infinity?
Nature? Closer, the sea? Scaped from here—a deck’s
café of diners, a shore lunch—its vista invades,
making the faint horizon a point of local passage. 

Realms beyond, it punctures imagination that’s lost
in streamless vastnesses no sightings, soundings know.
I founder word to word, then touch the hem of Light . . ..
Where infinity moves, is eternity bright?


  Ronald Jorgensen
21 July-12 September 2005
© Ronald Jorgensen