Note: Fibanocci, the medieval Italian Mathematician, was known for his numerical series that described a curve in Nature like a blade of grass or whorl of a seashell or spiral of a galaxy. The word, descry, comes from Old French’s descrier— to call or cry out. It also means to catch sight of something difficult to discern.

  Tai Chi Song


Stance upon a knoll of grass under summer sun.
Motion coming—slow and soft, a flow of secrets hidden
in the body limbs—some will name, “The Crane Spreads
Its Wings”, a curve like that. Or Fibanocci’s grace. What matters
not are names but planes descried by fingertips of you
or me that, look! identically descry the brow of line
hovering above conflicted plains—Iraq, Afghanistan
and Israel, India, Pakistan, United States of America.

Who can see the beauty of body’s motion,
then scan the planet and say there’s no hope?


  Ronald Jorgensen
1 October 2002
© Ronald Jorgensen