“There’s Only One!”  
  Kim Chapman


Cacophony of culture . . .
“Purity of heart
is to will one thing”,
from Soren Kirkegaard.
But ah, which thing, we ask?
Joseph Campbell was sure.
“Follow your bliss”, he sang.
Is there a way, or who
can say for anyone?
You only can know for you,
because your fire inside’s
unique. Its glow cascades
with every breath you take,
though never out without
a breath. Steady from life
to life. No wounds, no stains, but
that none can mime or feign.
The freshness of your purpose,
your trek honed to the goal,
that only you know, just you.
Your gem . . . the diadem.


  Ronald Jorgensen
13 November 2004
© Ronald Jorgensen