The ONE Book  

The ONE Book is a project that Ron and Bill Leon, a colleague, have been working on for the past several years, which is now nearing completion—hoped to be this year of 2004. Before Bill, Ron worked on it alone for a few years and then with others for a few more years—five people in all—from its inception about 30 years ago in the mid-seventies. The original idea came from the Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Ron’s late master teacher in Yoga, and was given to Ron to do by his senior colleague, great friend and teacher in Yoga, the late Secretary of the Ashram, Madhav (M. P.) Pandit

The work in progress currently has about 1,000 quotations in about 220 different types of oneness from books, poems, manuscripts, speeches, songs, and even signs and cartoons. The 50 plus nations represented include, of course, all the world’s major religions and spiritual paths. The quotations themselves range from luminously simple and clear to challenging in profundity and expression—all striking their compilers to be compelling in power, originality, and sheer relevance to a twenty-first century world.

Bill and Ron will not only be delighted with any inquiries. As you might have guessed, they never know when they are going to be blindsided with that next big-eyed quotation, so don’t hesitate!


Ronald Jorgensen
4 July 2004