Healthy Remedies  
  1. Vigorous Frequent Hand Washing, specially on arriving home (Neem Soap, Indian shops)
  2. Thieves Oil (eucalyptus, cloves, lemon, rosemary, cinnamon) [Young Living]
  3. Im-en Cap (Immune system nourishment, 11 ingredients+Wild Indigo) [Thorne Research]
  4. Silver, colloidal (Magnum) [Your Health, Inc.]
  5. Therapeutic Uses of Urine
  6. Echinacea (especially for sore throat) [Eclectic Institute]
  7. Bicarbonate of Soda & Sea Salt or Listerine & Hydrogen Peroxide Gargle
  8. Goldenseal
  9. Olives, black or green
  10. Ginger, fresh is best
  11. Cayenne Pepper (in water)
  12. Garlic, fresh is best
  13. Zinc
  14. Vitamin C [Thorne Research, Inc.]
  15. Beta Carotene {Beta PLEX) [Scientific Botanicals]
  16. Simhasana (Lion) Pose [Yoga]
  17. Pranayamic Alternate Nostril Breathing [Yoga]
  18. Dried Cloves (sucked)
  19. Stinging Nettle Tea, Also Cumin Tea
  20. Temple of Health Tea [The Republic of Tea] (Seven herbs)
  21. Green Tea (Camellia Sinenis) [Mad Hat Tea Company, Tacoma]
  22. Cottonwood Salve (with olive oil and beeswax)]
  23. Tate’s Natural Miracle Conditioner (about thirty herbal and plant ingredients)
  24. Honey with Vinegar
  25. Aloe Vera Gel [Real Aloe]
  26. Bitter Gourd (a.k.a. Bitter Melon) [East Indian grocery]
  27. Adequate Regular Nourishment
  28. Immediate Action of Eating Anything, Any Modest Quantity, Emergency
  29. Adequate Regular Nightly Sleep
  30. Immediate Action of Prone Rest, Any Amount Needed (3 minutes to hours), Emergency
  31. A Daily Rest or Nap, Any Amount Less than One Hour
  32. Adequate Warmth, Particularly Covering of the Head When Cold
  33. Keeping An Inviting Harmony, Order and Spaciousness In Home, Office, Vehicle
  34. Let Negative Emotions, Also Excitation, Especially Depression, Go Their Way, Not Yours
  35. Exercise, Even Minimally, Regularly Daily
  36. Play Tai Chi, Even Minimally, Regularly Daily, for “The Joy of the Body Heals the Body”
  37. Sing Every Time You Think of It and Feel Like it
  38. Listen to or Create Good Music When It Calls You
  39. In Stressful, Tense Situations, Focus Attention on Their Core of Peace (always there)
  40. Your Wit and Laughter . . . What Qualities Are Better Friends in Flu Season, Any Season?

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