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Ronald Jorgensen, Teacher
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I teach Tai Chi Chuan for five major reasons, which to me are also its benefits, modalities, and goals all at the same time:

  • profound stress relief
  • comprehensive general health
  • oceanic energy
  • effortless self-defense
  • inner/outer cosmic/transcendant harmony
But through experience I've found the best descriptions to be flimsy compared to the endless discoveries of doing it. My offerings include courses in several locations — a four year curriculum which also explores the interface between Tai Chi and the manifold interests of our lives — private lessons, special half-day and full-day clinics, weekends and week long intensives in settings of Nature that also carry the refreshing qualities of a vacation get away, and social gatherings of the community of students. For more on any of this,  please contact me by e-mail, phone, or postal mail. I'll be delighted to respond.


Ronald Jorgensen
2020 Roosevelt Avenue
Enumclaw, WA 98022
(360) 825-3413
Email: ronald@foxinternet.net

I teach Yoga for its capacities of:

  • integration of body, heart, mind, spirit—each with all.
  • stone silence—the father of peace, calm, other qualities.
  • sapling flexibility and oak strength, arcing the body.
  • headwater love and tidal courage, moving the heart.
  • spring creativity and summer clarity, orbing the mind.
  • eternity and infinity, expressing the spirit.

My offerings include courses in several locations, private lessons, one day and weekend intensives, a weekly study and spiritual support group meeting—all in a lifelong curriculum with applications in a diverse abundance of settings and situations. As described with the Tai Chi, contact me for any information and the newsletter; again, it will be my delight to respond.

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